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Do you get your underwear in a sale? If yes then you should come to mine as they will be 100% off

Jesus christ😂:L


is being ignored a hobby

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The three little words that every girl wants to hear are “I’m Tony Hawk.” 

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Different anon, just don't push yourself to far okay? There's a difference between making yourself aesthetically more appealing, and taking care of yourself. Just find a balance between the two at least

I will do, don’t worry☺️
But thank you x

;-; you're beautiful the way you are no matter how many bones in your body show just know that

Aww bless, thanks kiddo.

But it makes me feel a hell of a lot better if they do

Being able to feel and see my hip bones and ribs more and more is the best ahh


this is ur pilot speaking……..fuck u

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